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How it all started. 1993.

Then and now...

The family-owned business began over 15 years ago. On a tree-lined street in a quaint town in So. Cal. the partners tried out their pillow cover ideas at a local art fair. They were a hit and so was born the PILLOW TALK company.

The Pillow Talk Home Collection is a complete line of decorative pillows, luxurious bedding and designer upholstery pieces, designed to give comfort, style and attitude to today's sophisticated living.

Inspired by the passion and appreciation of art, the drama and energy of color and the subtle textures of rich fibers, the collection reflects on historical eras and lifestyles, exuding charm and an understatement of sophistication and glamour. Each collection a true visual delight!

Drawing design direction from a cultural background that features Italian/Argentine roots, the European flair of vibrant colors and unexpected pattern mixes is quieted by the love of American classics. That adventurous spirit is apparent throughout Pillow Talk's vast fabric assortment - each selectively chosen and compiled in an expression of the multi-cultural world that is home.

Let Pillow Talk's view of the luxe life engage you, engulf you and surround you with excitement and pleasure.

We invite you to live the life.